Using reusable tote and shopping bags is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a green lifestyle. These types of bags are made completely out of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. There is no better way to show that your company cares about the environment by offering recyclable tote bags that display your company's logo. We are offering recycled tote bags wholesale and would like you and your company to be apart of our special deals.

Our bags are extremely durable and are made to withstand abuse from daily use or an occasional grocery store trip. Eco-conscious individuals who are also fashion-minded will not be disappointed when purchasing these bags. The bags are beautifully designed with comfortable long handles and custom trim. Your company's logo will be displayed prominently in place and everyone will know that you made the decision to go green. Recycled tote bags are being used by all age groups and by both genders, so your advertising campaign will reach many individuals of all creeds.

Our big seller is our 100% Recycled P.E.T. Glossy Shopper, customers swear by it due to their many desirable features. These bags look good and are made with the environment completely in mind. With eye catching designs that cover the front, back, and center panels, customers will appreciate your green decision. This bag features a 23.5" shoulder strap for easy carrying and a spacious main compartment with an ample gusset.

An inexpensive option for a bag is our Recycled Economy Tote, which is a smaller bag that features a Velcro closure and is made mostly of recycled plastic bottles. This bag is made of non-woven polypropylene and comes with 9" handles. The front and back panels have water-resistant coatings for extra protection. A 4" gusset is included with this bag, and it allows you to pack larger items more comfortably.

The r.P.E.T. Striped Grocery Bag is a much more attractive way to deliver your groceries. Matte lamination finish, which provides extra tear and water resistance. Spacious enough to fit large and bulky items, but soft enough to safely cart fragile products from the store to your home. This bag is made from post-consumer rPET and offers full color digital imprints for your customization needs. The 20" handles are reinforced for extra protection against snapping.

In our increasingly green world, these recycled bags are no longer just a fashion statement. These bags have completely replaced plastic bags in some households, decreasing the use of materials that cannot be recycled and help bring a better future. Your and your company can benefit on this great trend by helping the world become more eco-conscious. Come visit our recycled tote bags wholesale, you and your customers will not be disappointed.