Co-founder of K-tect Sustainable Building Systems, Ken Miller, has successfully developed eco-friendly insulated building panels that can be used in constructing sustainable buildings. Miller spent nearly 10 years in working on his innovation that has been recognized among the 100 best innovations of 2009.

Ken Miller's Eco-Friendly Products

Miller co-founded the company with his wife, Alaina, in 2006. They began with designing and manufacturing the building panels at an industrial plant close to McCarren International Airport. This product was utilized in construction of a medical office that was first to receive platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. The project located in Ogden, Utah, has also won an award among all commercial and residential projects in New York, California, and Canada.

Miller's design of the insulated building panels is based on constructing them from expanded polystyrene and then encompassing them in a metal frame. In order to combine design flexibility and energy-efficiency in a single system, he used EPS and light-gauge metal for framing. Both these construction materials are completely eco-friendly and do not contain any chemical, making the panels durable and preferable for use in construction. The panels are cost-effective and sell at a mere $6 per square foot area.

The Popularity of Miller's Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Miller's product has been used in many construction projects over the past few years. Wood is not a good insulator and often does not help in energy efficiency in homes. Miller's innovation has been used at a home in Seven Hills and Red Rock. The owners wished to reduce their ever-increasing electricity bill because of the air-conditioning system and ineffective wood insulation.

The insulated panels have also been used in constructing the visitor pavilion of the Golden Gate Bridge and the corporate learning center of General Electric in New York. In this case, Project Frog used the material to overcome the limitations of traditional construction and revolutionize their building construction using advanced technology.

Miller's innovation and his organization are dedicated towards creating a sustainable environment. K-tect Systems uses eco friendly promotional items to spread awareness about their cause and also endorse their product. They exhibit their products at various building shows held in Philadelphia, Texas, and California. They also promote their products using various eco-friendly promotional techniques, thereby showcasing their licensed and patented products to create public awareness.