Your kids had a lot of activities planned before the COVID-19 outbreak hit, but this is a good time to reconsider how you get ready for all those activities. Your custom recycled bags can help you stay organized, pack easily, and clean up faster.

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Why use Custom Recycled Bags?

Recycled bags are easier to clean, durable, and come in several sizes. There is no need to buy branded merchandise for every new pursuit. Grab a recycled bag that will help you pack for dance class, soccer practice, and/or piano lessons. 

You can Disinfect These bags Easily

Whether you are dealing with social distancing or not, you want to be able to clean your bags quickly. Kids naturally bring a lot of dirt and debris with them, and the bags they use for their activities can get dirty fast. However, you can disinfect a recycled bag in seconds because it is designed to stand up to heavy use. You can wipe down the bag when you get home, or you can spray it with a disinfectant before packing up.

Pick Your Favorite Bag

You can try any version of a recycled bag that you think would be best for you. Moms can get a basic grocery style bag that helps them carry snacks to baseball practice, or you can use the bag to carry books to a guitar lesson. Plus, you can even get a cooler bag that zips shut if you're bringing cold drinks to a sporting event.

Assign a bag to ever activity your kids do, and let these bags double as grocery bags, cooler bags, or drink bags when you plan to sit on the deck at night with a cocktail.