KN95 masks are becoming a topic of conversation again as COVID-19 variants continue to appear. The government is sending N95 masks to many Americans and distribution locations. However, the KN95 masks are a great alternative option. You can read more about it here, and it is wise to consider why you might want to switch over to these masks as soon as possible.

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How Effective Are KN95 Masks?

These masks cover your nose, mouth, and chin. They create a seal around your face that makes it easier to prevent any spread of germs. Plus, they prevent germs from entering the masked area.

Get Away From Cloth Masks, Into KN95 Masks

Cloth masks are not as effective because they could be made from any material. Most of those materials look good, but they don’t give you the protection you need. Get out of cloth masks and into better masks so that you know you’re safe.

Reuse KN95 Masks

Disposable KN95 Masks are intended for one time use. You can learn more here. Or, you can pick up more KN95 masks from Custom Earth Promos.