Kroger is a common household name and one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. Kroger makes it their business to meet the needs and demands of millions of consumers and will not shy away from spending more on food that matches their lifestyle vision. Of late, Kroger has been the talk of the town with them stepping into the organic beverages business.

Kroger Promotes Organic Beverages

Kroger has formulated a strong internal strategy under the leadership of Mary Allen Adcock (VP, Natural Foods). The company wants to re-create itself for consumers who prefer organic and natural products. It wants to provide them with on-trend drinks. They chose to partner with LA Libations and this partnership started when LA Libations presented Kroger with an assessment of the upcoming beverages.

The new beverage that Kroger has planned supports their original label “Simple Truth” which is all-natural and organic. The Brand motto of “Free from 101” is being followed in their latest offering. 101 is a list of artificial ingredients and preservatives which are not used in producing organic items like the one that Kroger comes up with. This is a major marketing idea for their new brands in organic beverages. Adcock states that their list of products is more robust from the one that their competitors have. The company states that the consumers have responded favorably to the new line of products, and they have seen 33 percent higher sales than they originally targeted.

With almost 800 convenience stores and over 2,400 under their umbrella, the drive across all their outlets to increase organic and natural products will have to be coordinated with different grocery styles and they believe that it will be pervasive enough to reel in a lot of customers. Kroger believes that their customers have already proved that their model works. The customers have shown Kroger that they like what they offer and that there is demand for more.

Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items in Organic Beverages

Most companies have realized that using eco-friendly promotional items in creating their products is essential if they want to appeal to the new-age ideas of healthier living. Today's consumers realize that their environment is depleted of resources, and are now looking for ways to preserve nature for the generations to come.

But why adopt organic food products? The very method that the produce is grown in is a testimony of how healthy the product is. All food that is grown organically does not use any form of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, making the food chemical-free. This also reduces the number of toxic materials human beings are exposed to. Organic food is known to be safer, much better in taste, and more nutritious. So, organizations are nowadays more interested in coming up with organic food products.