Large cooler bags are more secure, and they have a zipper that makes them easier to use. You can order these bags in several colors. Plus, you can use the bag to carry anything whether it is chilled or not. Your business can benefit from these bags quite a lot, and it is very easy for you to invest in these bags along with a custom design.

At Custom Earth Promos, we have zippered large cooler bags that you can design and order today.

Large Cooler Bags Can be Secured

You can secure large cooler bags because it has a zipper. The two zippers can be locked together if needed. The open body of the bag allows you to store anything you want. Additionally, the bag is easy to unload because of the wide mouth. This is a good way to keep wandering hands out of each bag—even if you are not carrying chilled items.

The Cooler Bag Works

You can use large cooler bags to make sure that your chilled items stay cold. The bags will work when you use freezer bags and ice. The zipper closure keeps cool air in the bag. A quality interior lining helps to reflect cool air so that it is always cold. Because you are reaching in and out of the bag, it loses less cool air because you are closing with the zipper.

At Custom Earth Promos, you can use the large cooler bags to get precisely the storage and carrying space you need. You can carry your chilled items in these bags, and you can use the large handles to easily carry your bags. We take great care to make a bag that is easy to use. Our customers can contact us at any time to place an order.