The Environmental Club of Lauralton Hall has been holding eco fashion shows annually for eight years to raise awareness about recycling. Named “Trash the Runway”, it is always run only by the female students, and this year, with some help from Village Vogue Boutique, the show incorporated outfits of vintage style mixed with contemporary fashion.

The Annual Eco-Fashion Show of the Club

The annual fashion show of the Environmental Club of Lauralton Hall has always been run by the students. According to Donna DiMassa, the club moderator, this makes the girls feel empowered as they are the ones who manage the entire project and make it successful. This is the eighth time Trash the Runway was held. This year the students brought some vintage fashion into their eco-friendly clothes. Village Vogue Boutique of Milford helped them do it. Like always, the show this year strived to encourage the use of eco-friendly promotional items and sustainable living. It was held on May 16 in Lauralton Hall.

Showcase of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items at the Fashion Show

Trash the Runway always showcases outfits made of recycled items, and this year was not an exception. Last year, a skirt created with note cards that students use for studying, and a dress created from sandwich wrappers were among the most stunning recycled clothes showcased. This year, Village Vogue selected outfits for the show, and the club moderator is hopeful that this will encourage students and faculty alike to wear recycled clothes as everyday wear.

This year, more than 50 girls wore recycled outfits on the ramp, and the details of the dress and the reason for making them was narrated from the background, during the show. Village Vogue owner, Karen Quinn-Panzer says that she was delighted to work with Lauralton Hall in their fashion show. It is amazing how the show transforms trash into something so beautiful. Wearing eco clothing is not only ecology responsible but can also be very fashionable.

The Benefits of Eco Fashion

The materials used to make eco-friendly clothes are generally organic cotton or other kinds of natural fabric which are produced using non-toxic methods. After disposal, these products will also disintegrate sustainably since they were not produced using synthetic chemicals. Eco-friendly clothes made of recycled items can also divert materials away from landfills, giving them a better use.

Other than being socially responsible, using eco-friendly promotional items in clothing can have personal benefits as well. Eco-friendly clothes can be durable as well as very comfortable. Besides, if you can knit, you can create some very fashionable as well as eco-friendly clothes at home.