The Lions Club of Johnson City has made a thoughtful gesture and decided to salvage used spectacles. They are of the view that donating used and unwanted spectacles or sunglasses can help people in those developing countries where eye checkup is too expensive.

An Eco-Friendly Old Eyeglasses Campaign by Lions Club

Johnson City is witnessing the kind gesture that the city's Lions Club has decided to undertake. Keeping in mind the thousands of people in the developing countries who are deprived of eye care, the members of the Lions Club are collecting all the old eyeglasses and sunglasses, whether prescribed or non-prescribed. They have joined together in a worldwide movement that has extended its reach to thousands of people across the globe. They have considered the countries where there are hardly any proper eye doctors, and eye checkups can cost a fortune.

The RegionalEyeglassRecyclingCenter located in Roanoke, Virginia is responsible for cleaning, sorting, and packaging the used eyeglasses. There are 17 such centers in the world. The Lions Club of Johnson City consider themselves to be lucky to have a center so close to them. Groups of Lions from all across East Tennessee volunteer to participate in the eyeglasses recycling work and visit the Roanoke center twice a year. The Lions say that, last autumn, they had about 4000 pairs of glasses to take to Roanoke, and they are expecting similar numbers in April, 2013 too. But for that, the people of Johnson City really need to scour all their drawers and dressers to find as many unused glasses as possible and donate them to the Lions. The Lions have placed collection boxes with the name “Lions Recycle for Sight” at strategic collection points. All they need is for people to drop their unused glasses into these boxes.

The Importance of Recycling Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Old Eyeglasses

Eco friendly promotional items are those that have either been recycled or can be recycled, or those that are biodegradable. Using such items and recycling them whenever possible is not only good for the environment, but also has some personal benefits for everyone. For example, these items are free of the toxins that the non eco-friendly items have. They can be reused and so they save the money spent on buying disposable items. Eco-friendly electronic goods also save on your bills since they use less amount of power. If you are not up to recycling much, then using eco-friendly items can be the right decision taken by you.