With summer, unfortunately, winding down, neighborhood pools closing up shop, and ice cream trucks circulating less frequently, you know that means one thing: school is about to be back in session. That means that stores like Walmart and Target will soon be jam-packed with parents and their kids looking for deals on pencils, binders, notebooks, and a variety of other classroom necessities. In my family, we never purchased backpacks on a yearly basis, rather they were an investment that I was forced to wear until it was on its last legs. This meant that I could be in the fourth grade with a Snoopy or Big Bird backpack, which I dreaded, as my other classmates came in with new Batman and Superman backpacks which at the time made you king of the playground. Of all the back to school essentials, backpacks, other than computers (which most students will not get until they reach high school), are the biggest investment that a parent has to make in the back to school season.

Save the Environment by Using an Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag!

Messenger bags are extremely versatile, and have been shown to be more ergonomically effective than traditional backpacks, as the weight is not concentrated on your back but rather the person wearing it has complete control over how they are able to carry it. It contains quick, accessible pouches that students can keep their pens, calculators, etc in for immediate access rather than having to rummage through a backpack to try to find what they need. Messenger bags are also extremely durable, and can last for years, and are always age appropriate, being seen on young students ranging to professionals because as touched on earlier, they are known for their ergonomics, accessibility, and lasting style. Consider a messenger bag if you are in the market for a new back to school bag, as it is sure to be a lasting, smart investment.