The residents of Loveland have some rewards coming their way. In association with Recyclebank, Loveland is making way for a new recycle program. This program aims at reducing the volume of recyclable material which is dumped in landfills. In addition to that, all the participants of this program will be rewarded.

What You Need to Do Is Get Recycled Tote Bags

Around 300 communities have already joined hands with Recyclebank in this initiative. Throughout this program, the participants will be awarded points. The points they receive are based on the number of recyclables in their recycle cartons which are marked with blue color. The participants can redeem their points online as deals and discounts at local as well as national restaurants and retail stores.

Recyclebank is open to all the people of the city who are willing to contribute in saving the environment. It is free and optional. The program will come into force towards the end of July, which is when the interested residents will be able to register for it online.

The collection trucks will calculate the collected content from each route and divide it by the number of participants in that route. The Vice President, Corporate Communications at Recylebank, Jeff Harse, said that $165 can be collected by the participants, every year on an average.

The maintenance manager for solid waste department of Loveland, Mick Mercer, said that Recyclebank is known for its successful track record. He hopes that its expertise will help to raise the recycling percentage of the city. He also said that a 15 percent rise in recycling is expected with this program.

Proper Use of Recycled Tote Bags Wholesale

Loveland is already into recycling but has not gotten the best results from the existing programs yet. Mercer estimates that around 90 percent of the residents of the city make use of the blue recycling carton. But the problem is that a lot of recyclable items still get dumped in the regular grey trash bags. Apart from the obvious fact that this is not good for the environment, it also increases the maintenance cost for the city while taking away revenue accumulated from the recyclable materials.

Mercer is of the opinion that a little more education on the proper use and disposal of items like reusable bags, recycled bags, and recycled tote bags wholesale will help the city eliminate waste without affecting the environment. It will help in increasing the quantity of recyclables sent to the manufacturers. It will also reduce the cost of maintaining the landfills of the city while increasing its revenue.