With a push towards sustainable business and personal endeavors, many companies and individuals have their eyes on ways to be more sustainable. One effective and easy thing to do is to use RPET bags. These reusable bags reduce plastic waste by a huge amount each year, and they are saving even more materials all the time as more people begin to use them.


RPET bags are made from recycled polyester which is turned into a sturdy fabric. The “PET” in RPET represents a common type of plastic found most commonly in plastic bottles; the “R” stands for “recycled”. The material is strong, porous, and durable. RPET is the material that is chosen most often for reusable bags because it is easiest to process, so it uses the least energy to generate bags from the recycled materials.

Pros and Cons

The good side of RPET bags is that they are very durable. The material is hard to tear, even under heavier loads. Over time, the fibers don't get much weaker. The bags are also waterproof. Also, they are more comfortable to carry than regular plastic bags and many other reusable bags, because the material is quite soft. The downside of these bags would be that they are somewhat hard to clean. Once something is spilled on the bag, it's hard to remove the stain completely.


Normally, RPET shopping bags are purchased in bulk. The cost varies greatly between suppliers, based on the quality of the products desired. For a purchase of 1000 or more bags, one can expect to pay $0.50 on the low end and $5 a piece for bags that are customized and have sleek designs. Shipping cost is generally not included in the purchase price, so determine the costs of shipping before committing to a purchase.


The best resource for buying reusable bags is the internet. A variety of providers sell the bags, each with different quality and pricing for their products. One thing to note when choosing a distributor is the shipping costs. A product might seem to be selling at a value price, but once you add on the shipping cost, the price becomes equal or higher than other products on the market.


In summary, RPET bags are a smart choice for individuals and companies. The cost of the bags is minimal compared to the costs, both economic and environmental, of continuously using single-use plastic bags. It would be ideal if each person had an RPET bag to use on a daily basis. Though this is not yet the case, when even a few new people begin to use an RPET bag, it starts to make a big impact on the environment.