With the increasing awareness revolving around the need to save energy, colleges such as the Hecht and Stanford residential colleges have opted to install LUCID dashboards to monitor energy usage. The dashboards were also installed in the MacArthur Engineering Building and three buildings of the University Village.

Energy-Monitoring Dashboards by LUCID

A number of educational institutes such as the MacArthur Engineering Building have installed the energy-monitoring dashboards by LUCID. The dashboards were also installed at the Hecht – Stanford Dining Hall and three buildings of the University Village.

Green U, the Energy and Conservation Organization (ECO) of the Student Government and the Facilities Management Department of the University of Miami have been working for months to make this initiative a reality.

The Chairperson of ECO – Kamal Daghastani stated that the energy-monitoring dashboards could be used as a reporting tool since they could track actual usage, thus enabling people to keep track of how much they saved.

By logging onto buildingdashboard.net/Miami, students can keep track of how much electricity has been utilized in their building for a given period of time. The website also allows them to commit to an act to save energy.

The members of ECO heard about the LUCID system which was installed by the University of Central Florida as part of their Kill-a-Watt program at a cost of $40,000. A competition between their buildings resulted in a savings of $40,000 by way of energy conservation in the first year itself. Daghastani mentioned that the dashboards were installed in the freshman dorm since those dorms had an enthusiastic lot and a large number of occupants.

According to the Sustainability Coordinator of Green U – Ian McKeown, being able to see the results immediately is truly worthwhile. He added that people didn't realize their role in the conservation process when the results were tracked on a monthly basis.

Shira Cohen, a freshman mentioned that the immediate information on the website helped them alter their routines to save as much energy as possible. She also said that being able to track usage on a regular basis served as a form of motivation, encouraging students to conserve energy in every way possible.

LUCID Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Educate Youngsters About Recycling

The youngsters of today hold the key to the future. So, to ensure a bright tomorrow, it is essential to teach the youngsters about going green.

Awareness programs and regular educational initiatives can prove beneficial in achieving this objective. In addition, the use of eco friendly promotional items is an ideal way of educating youngsters about recycling. Trendy articles like sling bags, backpacks, t-shirts and stationery made from recycled material are a perfect method of directing the attention of youngsters towards environmental issues. Adding catchy lines that speak about the importance of recycling and conservation will further support the initiative.

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