With Labor Day ending, many golfers breathe a heavy sigh, as they get ready to put their clubs away for the winter. However, many hard core golf players play the game year round and take on the creed of the United States Postal Service “rain or shine, snow or sleet” and will play through any kind of weather imaginable. Rain is usually the biggest deterrent for golfers, as the unpredictable precipitation can dramatically alter the game. For avid golfers, a sturdy umbrella is a necessity that few would ever contemplate playing a game without. For this, there is the recycled ultra golf umbrella, a truly executive product manufactured by Custom Earth Promos to be suitable for even the harshest weather and the most devoted golfers.

Promote Your Company on a Recycled Ultra Golf Umbrella

The recycled ultra golf umbrella is made from fifty five percent recycled-post consumer materials and includes a wind-proofed spring that is designed to withstand the gustiest days. The recycled ultra golf umbrella has a Velcro strap so that it can be fast tied, and has a sturdy rubber handle for easy support and electrical insulation properties. One of the most important features of the recycled ultra golf umbrella is the thickness of 190T Polyester that shields from harmful UV rays, as some golfers will use umbrellas to not just protect them from the rain, but also the harsh sun who's exposure can lead to complications with skin cancer among a number of other things. The recycled ultra golf umbrella is complimented by a sleep 14mm shaft and ribs made from lightweight fiberglass, making it lightweight but extremely durable ensuring that you will get continued use of it time and time again. The recycled ultra golf umbrella has a large imprint area making it perfect to use as a promotional product, which is sure to impress everyone, not just golfers. Overall, the recycled ultra golf umbrella is an exceptional product that is made without any shortcuts and is crafted with care to exceed the highest standards of eco-friendly products. There is no better means of promoting your business than by having it stand out on the golf course as movers and shakers in the community are sure to take notice. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for a wholesale quote on the recycled ultra golf umbrella and order yours today!