It's no secret that companies can be pretty wasteful and not very eco-friendly when it comes to certain things in the office like not monitoring gas, water, and electric use or not having a recycling system. But with just a few simple changes, businesses have the power to turn things around for not only the environment but their budgets, too. Here are three ways your company can become more eco-friendly and efficient.

1. Invest in a Thermostat Lock Box

Workplaces are often over-air conditioned, especially in the summer months, which has a negative impact on the environment and your electric bill. On top of that, some employees might be tempted to adjust the thermostat to their liking without taking into consideration either of these things. By investing in a thermostat lock box, you'll have complete control over the temperature of your workspace, your electric bill, and the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the environment.

2. Go Paperless

"The greenest paper is no paper at all," said Vince Digneo, sustainability strategist at Adobe. "It's as easy as keeping digital files on on your computers and mobile devices, not file cabinets. Also, get in the habit of reviewing digital documents on-screen, rather than printing them out."

With all of the existing technology out there, there really is no need for companies to be printing that much anymore. Yet still, the average U.S. office worker prints 10,000 pages per year. If offices could cut their paper use by just 10 percent, greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by 1.45 million metric tons – according to a 2014 Catalog Spree and PaperKarma study. By moving to digital, companies can easily go paperless saving lots of money and trees.

3. Celebrate Green Days at the Office 

Whether it's once a month or an annual occurrence, get your employees involved in green initiatives at the office. Allow them to contribute to a running ideas board of sustainable changes that can be made to the office or suggestions for eco-friendly group activities. You could even start a green awareness team that can educate staff through lunch-and-learn sessions. Creating green days at the office and arranging events like community volunteering that your employees can get involved in, is a great way to bring the office together, encourage teamwork, and ultimately help the environment.