After facing some dejection in 2007, Kerri Stenson with fellow Woodside citizen Cindy Goldberg is back this year with Urban Market Bags. Kerri is happy that the move she made a long time back in the Silicon Valley is now becoming a popular trend all over the country and that a ban on plastics all over is coming about.

What's with the Reusable Bags?

Most people are happy with using plastics because they are convenient to use and have been used for a long time. What the duo is trying to impress upon them is that manufacturer reusable bags, such as the ones they are selling, are no longer only for tree-huggers, they are becoming a popular fashion statement with the others too. The product this time comes in neutral-gender colors with attractive logo patches on them. There is one sack that contains other reusable bags inside it. Packs of 4 can be bought for $30 and of 6 for $40.

They are easy to use, to wash and maintain and can also fit in your car's cup-holder! So people can no longer forget these bags at home, they're right in front of you in the car reminding you that you don't have to pollute the world or pay for plastic bags the next time you go shopping. People can easily buy these bags from Urban Market Bags' website and supply is already being taken care of by the delivery and warehouse guys hired by this duo. The bags are also available for sale at Namesake Cheescake at Menlo Park.

Both ladies are ardent users of the reusable bags. They believe that the use of the bags can help the environment in a big way. With these trendy bags, you can now tout your shopped items and encourage other people to go the green way. With plastic bans being placed in most cities of USA, they are confident that this time, they can aim to go national and sell the bags to other cities too.

Advantages of Using Manufacturer Reusable Bags

Manufacturer reusable bags can be your best friends at the shopping mall. For groceries any other daily items too, these bags can be used. The best part is, once you invest in them, you can use them again and again. All you need to do is wash them in your dishwasher along with the other vessels and lo presto! They are ready to be used again. So use reusable bags to cut plastics costs and you do your bit for the environment.