Eco-friendly bags, cartons, and containers have been around for a while but now have a new niche in the fashion industry. Pleasantly surprising as it may be, it is indeed true and several renowned fashion houses are going the green way. Without sacrificing an iota of comfort and luxury aspects, the companies are managing to produce brilliant and creative products that have begun to hit the market.

Go Green with Eco-Fashion

Taking the cue while being eco-fashion conscious at the same time are several companies such as Sanctuary Clothing, whose Creative Director Deb Polanco says that they are not hesitant to experiment with materials like cotton (less toxic and non-allergic), recycled fabrics, and fiber crops, using them to create new expressions in the world of fashion.

A multifaceted personality, Amber Valletta has an impressive profile that combines a busy schedule as an actress, model, and an environmentally conscious humanitarian and is based in Santa Monica. She runs the online boutique Master & Muse that serves as one point for environmentally conscious people who embrace eco-friendly products they love to sport. The store plans to feature LA-based designers and has a few collections lined up already such as Amahlia Stevens and her Vitamin A, and others including Clare Vivier famous for clutches and bags, and Sydney Brown for her ethical footwear range that is all the rage already.

It isn't just local talent; international fashion designers too show a keen interest in going green. For instance, Stella McCartney of Beverly Hills with her wonderful range of dresses is very conscious about the environment and declares that 60 percent of the trash ending up in dustbins can easily be recycled. They have potential energy to run a computer for about half an hour. Her 100 percent cotton organic denim range is all set to hit the markets in 2014. Her faux-nappa bag does not contain any petroleum-based products; it is made out of renewable resources.

Promoting the Idea of Eco-Fashion Items

With more small and unheard of brands toeing the line, environmental protection initiatives get a big boost. With awareness spreading, people would certainly support the cause and producers using eco-friendly promotional items will be able to sustain themselves and withstand the onslaught of mass-produced petroleum-derived products, which, as we all know are not at all eco-friendly as they are made from materials that are least bio-degradable. A well-shod and smartly attired person can sport eco-friendly gear, with most people not making out the difference.