Miss Eco International Philippines 2018-2019 representative Maureen Montagne is planning to finish the pageant season with a bang. She plans to win Miss Eco International 2019 at the Almasa Capital Theater in Cairo, Egypt. If she is successful, the Philippines will become the first country to achieve a back-to-back victory in the five-year history of the pageant.

Currently, the reigning Miss Eco International 2018, Cynthia Thomalla, is already in Egypt and ready to participate. Last year, she became the Philippines' first ever winner.

Maureen Montagne is a pageant veteran. While she has competed in numerous contests, this will be her first time competing internationally. With her beauty, body, and charm, there is doubt that she could be a front-runner, despite the pressures of a back-to-back victory. But it'll take more than good looks to win this competition.

Montagne is blessed with genes that make her an excellent contestant, but it's her desire to clean up the country and promote environmental awareness that make her more than just a pretty face.
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"This year I have been focusing on cleaning up the Philippines, specifically our water sources. I'm proud of our efforts with rebuilding Boracay, and I have been involved with the Manila Bay Project, and have been working on other local projects as well."

Miss Eco International 2018-2019 Representative Maureen Montagne

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She admits that the mental challenge of being the last of her Miss World Philippines sisters to compete was difficult. Constantly reminding herself of the reason she wants to win pushes her to keep doing her best.

"I have been focusing on preparing my mind, body, and soul for this pageant. I think it's important to be ready for long competitions, so I have been practicing my Q&A with friends and researching Egypt so I can really embrace the culture. For my fitness, I have been doing my normal workout routines that consist of light cardio and yoga. I've also been asking my sister queens for advice, which has helped a lot!"

Miss Eco International 2018-2019 Representative Maureen Montagne

Miss World Philippines National Director, Arnold Vegafria, is very positive about another victory. He also knows that it takes more than a beautiful face.

"We all know how much pressure she faces in trying to surpass the achievements of her predecessor, Cynthia Thomalla. But we must also remember that this isn't only about glitz and glam. Just as crucial is the candidates environmental advocacies, and I believe that Maureen has come prepared to win the battle."

Miss World Philippines National Director Arnold Vegafria.

Montagne's MWP sisters were all present to wish her good luck at the press conference. It is the first time all four queens have been together in a while and all of the women gave touching messages of support to Montagne.

"My sister queens have been very supportive and have given me great advice. At the end of the day, we all know that if the crown is yours, then it's yours; so they have just been telling positive things and have really stressed that the important thing is to just have fun."

Miss Eco International 2018-2019 Representative Maureen Montagne

Social media also plays a big role in Montagne's journey.

"The best way to support me in this competition is to like, comment, and share my Eco Tourism video on the Miss Eco International Facebook page. The more engagement a contestant has, the better."

Miss Eco International 2018-2019 Representative Maureen Montagne

Here's hoping for another win for the Philippines on March 29th.