Mixing eco-friendly practices and religion is something that many people don’t consider. However, if you think about it, there are a few religious ceremonies and traditions that are not necessarily sustainable. However, the venerable texts didn’t consider things like this. Ages-old peoples only knew what they knew—their worldview was limited—and we must grapple with a changing, modern world. You can read more about mixing religion with a focus on the environment here.

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Can Religion Be Sustainable?

Yes. You simply need to make changes. The story of Ang Dolma Sherpa points to how she looked at Tibetan Buddhism and traditions that could stand to be more sustainable. Lungtas and khadas are ceremonial flags and scarves respectively. They are used throughout Tibet, but they often find their way into the ecosystem and are made from non-biodegradable materials. Sherpa’s business hopes to cut back on that waste.

Sustainable Religion and Communion

Sustainable communion is something that most people don’t consider. However, the singular goblet that everyone drinks from fell out of favor ages ago. Even if it didn’t, COVID-19 made that idea a thing of the past. Churches that use plastic cups were simply filling landfills, but they just didn’t consider there were more options.

Prefilled communion cups that are also biodegradable are a revolutionary concept and very eco-friendly. Even simply switching to biodegradable cups makes a weekly ritual far more sustainable. The same could be said for virtual giving instead of writing paper checks or stuffing envelopes. Every little thing helps. You can learn more about these practices here.

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You can order today to bring together two things that can also make the community better: faith and environmental friendliness. With these simple changes, you will find that you can easily make a difference in the office, at home, and around town. Even simple reusable bags can make a difference.