A proposal for a recycling center to be set up by Lakeshore Waste Services, in the Morton Grove region, may be put on hold. This is because the company is going through a merger at present. Lakeshore Waste Services is merging its waste management company with Lakeshore Recycling systems. Lakeshore Recycling Systems is a waste management organization situated in Chicago. The President of Lakeshore Recycling Systems, Joshia Connell, confessed that both the companies are facing a few differences at present. Therefore, the company is concentrating on resolving internal conflicts, which has put the proposal for the recycling center on the backseat.

The Reasons for the Lakeshore Waste Delay

At a recent Village Board meeting, the spokespersons for Lakeshore Waste Services were asked about their upcoming recycling center in the Morton Grove region. During this meeting, the officials from the organization explained that their proposal for a new recycling center has been postponed. The officials stated that their merger with Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the primary cause for this delay. According to Connell, the decision on the recycling center may not be finalized for a few months, or even in a year's time.

The Village President, Dan Staackman, stated that the company is planning on using Morton Grove as its headquarters. Currently, the company's site in the village is used for maintenance purposes, and for storing vehicles. Staackman expressed the village's willingness to construct a recycling center. As a matter of fact, he assured Connell that the village committee would study the various applications of the recycling center, and would come up with possible ways of putting it into action. However, in order to get the recycling center approved, Staackman stated that the company will have to apply to special permit. The company will also have to explain the benefits that this center will have, in the context of the village.

Even though the village committee is willing to hear the proposal that Lakeshore Waste Services has prepared, there are few groups in the village that think this proposal will be detrimental to their neighborhood. According to Tom Maddex, the Head of “Citizens to Stop Morton Grove Garbage,” more than promoting eco friendly promotional items, the recycling center will bring rodents and mosquitoes to the vicinity. Along with Maddex, some of the other residents have a mixed opinion about the proposal as well, which is probably influencing the company's delay in the construction of the recycling center.

Lakeshore Waste - An Effort to Encourage Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The Trustee of the company, Danny DiMaria, is hoping that the officials from the company will be able to interact with the residents of the village so as to convince them about the positive impacts of the recycling center and promote the importance of using eco-friendly products. However, whether the company will act on this plan or not is still under question.

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