Mother's day is just around the corner.

In exactly a week, we will be scrambling to purchase greeting cards and find presents that try to tell our mothers how much we appreciate all that they do for us. When it comes to buying gifts, however, being environmentally conscious isn't something everyone always thinks about. And choosing something that's both eco-friendly and stylish isn't always easy.

Fortunately, it's becoming much easier these days, with companies across the globe quickly realizing people are shopping with their values in mind. These 6 gift ideas and products not only show your mom you care, but help reduce her carbon footprint. Mother Earth raised you too.

A Quality Yoga Mat Made from 100% Recycled Wetsuits

If your mom is all about personal and spiritual health, Sugamats makes 100% recycled and recyclable yoga mats. Made from non-biodegradable neoprene wetsuits, this mat won't start to smell after a session of the increasingly popular "beach yoga," like some of the non-sweat/water inclined materials out there do.

Ethically Made Clothing That Shares Mom's Values

Does mom need a new wardrobe? Is she just really into fashion? Wholesome Culture produces all of their clothing in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified facilities. Using their clothing to help promote a plant-based lifestyle and diet, if you also care about animals--15% of their net profits go to animal rescue organizations.

A Stylish Tote Bag Just in Time for Summer

Leather is in style. But it's not very earth-friendly. What do we do about that? We skip it and purchase a tote bag from My Paper Tote instead. Made from a unique material--washable paper, and sourced from responsibly managed forests in Vermont, both mom and and mother earth are sure to thank you!

A Subscription to Help Combat Food Waste

More than 20 percent of fruits and vegetables grown in America never even make it off of the farm. Why? They don't meet grocery store beauty standards. This results in billions of pounds of food waste each year! With Imperfect Produce, mom can help fight this problem by choosing which ugly fruits and vegetables she wants to have delivered straight to her doorstep. They might not look great, but they still taste just as good.

Sustainable Party Goods

Does mom love to entertain? Now she can have the greenest party on the block with plastic-free, non-toxic products created with renewable or recycled content that are designed to biodegrade in a home or industrial compost. Susty Party's line of products includes tablewear, plates, cups, napkins, straws, and even garbage bags!

Pencils That Grow into Plants When You're Done with Them

Upgrade mom's collection of writing materials. Sprout creates pencils that help sprout plants as well as ideas. Once the pencil is nothing but a nub, place it graphite side up in a pot of dirt, and it will turn into anything from Forget Me Nots, to Coriander, to Cherry Tomatoes.