National Chili Dog Day is July 29th, and we have made this the most exciting summer food day of the year. At Custom Earth Promos, we want you to enjoy the holiday and make something of this unique and fun food. Plus, we have all the promotional items and custom bags you will ever need.

Check out Custom Earth Promos and contact us when you’re ready to place your order for custom bags that might be just as good as your next chili dog.

Why the Chili Dog?

The chili dog is a fun food item that you can adjust to your liking. The thing that you need to remember is that a lot of people adjust their dogs to their liking. This means that your business can make recommendations based on what you sell.

Do you sell alcohol? Areyou recommending beer-battered chili dogs? You should. What if you sell snacks? Market the products that you sell, and make them work with the holiday. That makes it a lot more fun for you to enjoy the holiday even if you don’t sell food.

Host a Sale

Change to a sale so that you can make the most of the holiday and make some money at the same time. You might build custom decks, but this is the perfect time to order custom bags, deliver your marketing materials to your customers in those bags, and remind customers how much fun it is to enjoy a chili dog on their new deck or patio.

Order Today With Custom Earth Promos

If you’re ready to order, our team at Custom Earth Promos can help you get the exact products you need for your next promotion. We can make this holiday based around a chili dog the most fun you’ve ever had, and we will help you with every new promotion so that you are always in the forefront of the community.