Wine and cheese is the perfect thing to enjoy with friends and family. Marketing these items is a great idea for your business, and you simply need to step up and see what you can do to make National Wine and Cheese Day — July 25th — the best day for your business.

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What is the Allure of Wine and Cheese?

Wine and cheese is fun! Plus, these are good things to pair with one another. You can also throw in bread, fresh fruit, pickled onions, honey, and even some seasoned olive oil. When you put together the perfect charcuterie board, you can also pair it with some wonderful wine that will knock your socks off.

Choose the Proper Wine

You don’t need to be sommelier to pair wines. You can choose your favorite wine to drink with this charcuterie board or simple snack. However, there are two tips you should keep in mind:

Red wines work well with heavy cheese, moldy cheeses, and dark fruits

White wines work well with light cheeses, light fruits, citrus, and airy breads

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business is simple when you reach National Wine and Cheese Day. You can add graphics and art for the holiday to your custom bags, and then you sell or deliver the wine, cheese, and anything else your customers need in these bags. Even if you just make the cutting board for the cheese — get in on this holiday.

Order Today

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