The Pizza Division facility of Nestle USA, which is in Little Chute, Wisconsin, is not only famous for its brilliant frozen pizzas but also currently known for its outstanding results with respect to water efficiency. It is one of the best pizza brands in the United States of America and is well known for its operational savings as well.

The plant in Little Chute has so far reduced the usage of water by at least 7.4 million gallons annually, by increasing the efficiency and performance of the cooling towers it owns. Cooling towers in the facility were improved using the advanced water-treatment technology that GE, USA had to offer Nestle.

Since there are quite a lot of improvements seen, the Nestle facility has earned the Return on Environment Award from GE in the United States of America. The award is given to companies that are recognized for their significant improvements with respect to operational and environmental goals, while also balancing their industrial demands. While most companies are promoting eco-friendly promotional items, Nestle USA is doing its best to practice sustainable business measures.

Cooling Water for Pizza Division Industrial Purposes Requires Tight Specifications

While cooling water for industrial purposes, there are certain specifications that need to be followed, but the city water of Little Chute is quite challenging due to its alkalinity and hardness. The standard chemical treatment technologies used weren't unable to treat the issues adequately as high concentrations started producing sealing in the towers. Sealer is a residue formed due to inefficient cooling processes of water. Once sealing began, the cooling efficiency eventually reduced and additional maintenance was needed. Also, the older control system made the cooling operations quite difficult and wasn't integrated with the plant's data systems.

GE offered its latest GenGard water treatment technology, along with stress tolerant polymer and control for the condensers in the plant. The company announced that all the products offer precise control for water cooling and also help enable more water treatment cycles. As a result, the cooling water at the city facility can be reused as much as possible than what was being done before. By doing so, the company is saving over 7.4 million gallons of water and also is reducing the money on sewer discharges.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Used in Pizza Division for Cleaning

In order to help maintain a balance in the entire ecosystem, the Environmental Protection Agency of the country is encouraging the usage of eco-friendly promotional items for the clearing of water bodies, so that less harm is caused during the process.