When you have Christmas leftovers, you can make new dishes with all that food. There are a few tips here--some you've heard and some you've not. There are also a few options for storage to make your life easier.

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Christmas Leftovers 101

Christmas leftovers always include sandwiches and such, but you need a few more ideas than that. Everyone deserves to eat well, but you don't want the last of your Christmas leftovers to be boring. A few options include:

Turkey chef salad with fresh cranberries

Stuffing sandwich with cranberry relish

Baked ham over a bed of mashed potatoes

Baked ham with a cranberry demi glace and cinnamon sweet potatoes

Storage 101

When it comes to storing all your leftovers, you need to make sure that you have bags for the job. You can store all your leftovers in plastic bags, wrap in foil, and pack them all together in the freezer in just one bag. Those who have a chest freezer can organize their chest freezer with nothing but custom bags.

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