Making new years resolutions for the environment is always a good idea. You want to do your part for the planet, but you might not know where to start. Take a look at some of the options you have, and remember that you don’t need to make all these changes at once. You can learn more about new years resolutions for the environment here.

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New Years Resolutions for Families

Families can make several new years resolutions that are perfect for working around the house. Most people might think of these things but not know where to start and how to make the change.

Simplify your life by ditching paper towels and buying a whole set of washcloths and hand towels to use around the house. Compost if you can—especially if you want to start a garden in the spring.

Hang your laundry to dry to make sure that you aren’t overusing resources. Remember, hanging clothes to dry is far more efficient, but it also saves time because you can wash and hang throughout the day. No more waiting for the dryer to finish.

Start cooking from scratch so you have less waste around the house. Plus, you can get reusable straws to use when you go out or around the house. You can learn more about these resolutions here.

Resolutions for Eco-Conscious Businesses

When you want your business to make a change, you can start by dumping plastic bags. Sell or give away reusable totes that eliminate the need for plastic. Stop using paper towels and put a hand dryer in the bathroom. Recycle as much as you can. Upcycle raw materials your business uses. Install solar panels. Reclaim rainwater. Program your HVAC system to avoid waste. Make as many eco-friendly changes as you can.

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