Newburyport residents will be supplied with reusable bags in consequence of the proposed ban on single use plastic bags in the area. The organizers of the ban will be distributing reusable bags to the people (from an anonymous donation of about 7,000 reusable bags). This donation and distribution is hoped to encourage the residents of Newburyport to start using reusable bags in place of plastic bags.

Reusable Customized Retail Bags Donation

The city organizers have proposed a ban on single-use plastic bags in Newburyport. And following that, the city received an anonymous donation of around 7,000 reusable bags for the cause. This donation of (roughly) 7,000 reusable bags will be distributed to the inhabitants of Newburyport by the organizers of the ban. The aim of the organizers from such a distribution was the hope that it will make it easier for Newburyport residents to start replacing plastic bags with reusable bags for grocery shopping and the like.

Sheila Taintor, one of the ban's organizers, had expressed concerns about presenting a hardship to the residents of the city with this ban. However, she added that being able to provide such reusable bags to all of Newburyport's citizens would make sure that the people would not face any inconvenience from the ban. Hence, of course, she termed this donation of reusable bags as “generous”. And accompanying the verdict was Martha McManamy, another organizer of the ban, who also stated that they were thrilled with the donation.

Reportedly, fifteen organizations based in Newburyport have already signed up to receive these reusable bags. And each of these organizations has assured that the reusable bags will be distributed among its own members. Surprisingly though, there are still some reusable bags remaining from the donation; and the city has asked for any business or individual to come and collect it from City Hall as per their own requirements.

This ban, donation and distribution will certainly pave an easier road for the use of more eco-friendly bags in the future.

Why You Need to Use Customized Retail Bags

Plastic bags – especially single-use plastic bags – do more to clutter the environment and fill up landfills than any other non-biodegradable item. Single-use plastic bags are cheap (or even free), which makes consumers use them with little to no care about the after-effects. Plus, these bags are so flimsy that using them more than once is hardly possible. And the plastic bag's insubstantial quality also makes it impossible for the bag to be packed tightly or heavily, meaning that more bags will be needed when one shops in bulk.

Reusable bags are any day the better option. And customized retail bags, like the reusable bags used for grocery shopping or in clothing stores, add a more professional edge to the packaging and attracts the eye of the consumer faster. (Plus, like in the case of the reusable retail bags distributed in Newburyport, the provision of such bags would help encourage people to replace plastic bags.)