Not all people have the creativity to build a car wash facility out of eco friendly promotional items; but the initiatives of Earth Car Wash, a car wash facility in Newport Beach, has made this possible. Their services are mobile and are available at the time and place which is convenient for the customer.

The Eco-Friendly Car Wash Method

Earth Car Wash lets you choose your own time and place for your car to be washed. You can take an appointment well ahead of time or an urgent one for the same day. At the appointed time, the employees of Earth Car Wash will reach your preferred location in their Smart Car. This is their mobile unit which generates its own power that is also used for the car wash. They use only biodegradable and natural material for washing cars, which not only cleans it, but also doesn't leave a layer of residue on it.

Most people might think that using only natural products might be quite expensive and that Earth Car Wash's service is not affordable, but this is not the case. The customer care that Earth Car Wash provides is remarkable. They understand your car and its problems; they will only offer services that your car needs and not because they are trying to make profits by selling you more items. They not only provide car washing services for individuals, but also for corporate fleets for up to 300 cars. Apart from the Newport Beach facility, their mobile service is also available in Los Angeles, where they started out, OrangeCounties, Costa Mesa, and Ventura.

An Eco-Friendly Car Wash Is Better Than Going for Conventional Methods

The large quantity of water is wasted in conventional methods of car washing. In the commercial systems, this amount can be 45 gallons and for cars washed by hand, it can go up to 140 gallons. Not only the wastage of water, but also the amount of dangerous chemicals and soap that go into the water system, should be the reason for our concern. Earth Car Wash's revolutionary method of not using water does away with all these problems. Not only does your car remain residue-free, but also there are no unsafe chemicals involved in the process since it is all eco-friendly and biodegradable. Your car won't have the smell of the chemicals used for washing it, since it is truly cleansed using eco friendly promotional items. So, it is definitely better to go green than using a conventional method for car washing.