A Great Way to Make a Statement with Non-Woven Tote Bags

Perhaps someone hand over a non woven tote bag to you as a gift or you bought one by chance. Whichever the case, this lightweight bag in your custody has massive benefits which you may not know of. However, acquainting yourself with some of these benefits and facts on how to make the most of this bag is not too late. Just read on.

Non woven totes can take on just any color. Whichever the color of the dress you want to wear, there is always a non woven tote with to match. Some organizers of events sometimes specify the color of wears and bags of attendees. That should not give you sleepless night as there are inexhaustible varieties of colored non-woven tote bags.

It is always thoughtful and great putting on an eco-friendly image. Using a non woven tote bag does exactly that; it is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags. We all know the harmful effects of plastic products. Species in our seas and ocean die daily, our soil are continuously deprived of the much needed nutrients that crops need for improved growth and our water are made impure all because we stubbornly stick to plastic bags when there are better alternatives like non woven totes.

Some shrewd owners of stores use free promotional branded non woven totes as incentive to make customers spend more. Only customers with purchases over $15 enjoy the free offer. Many customers with no bag prefer picking more items so they can meet the requirement for the free non woven tote bags. Not many business ideas increase sales in this fashion. Of course, it is a somewhat departure from the usual idea of charging a dollar whenever a customer forget to come around with a bag and demand a bag from store attendants.

Show off Your Company's Care for the Environment With Non-Woven Tote Bags

Companies also invest in custom imprinted non woven totes for expos, trade-shows and conferences. Visitors or guests are given these bags at key entry points. More often than not, a visitor end up using and taking home the first bag received and shun other subsequent offers of free bags. Any astute business person knows that such investment will reap strong benefits even after the expo is done with. Visitors will certainly take the bags home and use them for shopping or as storage bags; more people will get to know about the company and some of them may eventually decide to transact business with the company.