The local schools and charitable organizations have joined hands with MyEco's program of implementing the usage of reusable shopping bags. The MyEco program which now involves all the major retailers like Shaw's, Walmart, Stop & Shop and Lowe's Home Improvement stores in North Attleboro is an initiative aimed at getting the people to transition from the use of plastic and paper bags to a more sustainable option.

Support for Reusable Bag Program

The MyEco program aims at reducing the usage of plastic bags at the retailing outfits in North Attleboro with the unanimous participation of both the citizens and the retailers. The MyEco Reusable bag program to be implemented this year in which the retail outlets using plastic bags will switch to promoting reusable bags.

As a part of the MyEco Reuse program the customers at a retail outlet will be entitled to financial rewards or incentives for using reusable bags which can be donated to a charitable organization or a state-run school of their choice. The donations generated through the MyEco Reuse Program is aimed at the welfare of the student community in North Attleboro as well as generating more awareness about reusable bags.

The MyEco program centers around a unique smartphone app that can be downloaded and installed to keep track of all the shopping visits to a retailer outlet. The incentives accrued by not using the plastic bags are recorded and the donations made can be tracked using the app. It also gives the customer a realistic measure of how many plastic bags they avoided by carrying a reusable bag every time they went to shop. The retailers participating in the program are supposed to display the QR code stickers at the registers and the check-out points.

The app also helps in keeping track of the landfill pollution that people have managed to avoid as a community and as a nation along with the monetary figure raised by following the reuse program. The information tracked by MyEco app is valuable in motivating the students and their families to keep contributing to the MyEco reuse program.

Can the Reusable Bag Program and Promotional Reusable Bags Help?

Retail outlets and businesses can generate more leads and customers by implementing targeted campaigns that are often expensive. The supermarkets and retail stores can benefit by offering shopping bags that are imprinted with their brand name and logo. These promotional tote bags can be crafted out of organic material to comply with the eco-friendly initiatives in a community.

Although handing out promotional reusable bags is a good marketing tactic to garner more attention and develop a wider customer base, it is of utmost importance to keep your target audience in mind while doing the same. The money invested in promotional items is worth the effort only if the items are given as freebies to loyal customers or the potential customers who offer their contact details while participating in a promotional campaign.