Though it does not seem to bother people much, the amount of plastic bags being used in the island of Oahu is surely a cause of concern. These bags not only add to the litter but also get flown to the sea where fishes, turtles and birds mistake them for food, ultimately getting entangled in the bags or choking over them.

Oahu to Make an Switch to Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags

It is time that residents of Oahu woke up to the perils of plastic bags and joined hands with the authorities to successfully implement a ban on plastic bags. The number of plastic bags used annually in Oahu is a whopping 400 million. Though the ban on bags has been late in coming here, by next year, these bags are about to get swiped off from almost all grocery shops in Oahu.

The ban will come into effect July1, 2015 onwards. This year, notices are being sent to various business organizations to remind them about the upcoming change. Inspection and enforcement of the ban will begin next year. There are some exceptions to the rule, though- you can use the plastic bags in which you put your produce, or the ones that come with your newspaper. Dry cleaning plastic bags are also allowed. Those businesses which do not conform to the rule might face a fine of almost $1,000 per day.

This change might take some time getting used to, but will definitely help people save the environment from the hazards caused by plastic bags. The best option that people can exercise is to buy reusable bags and keep them in their cars. These bags are cheap and sturdy, too. They can use these bags as and when needed. It is a convenient and affordable option which can help people- they will never need to hunt for bags when they go grocery shopping.

It Is Time to Buy Reusable Bags

Plastic bags are among the most collected item in trash during cleanups and are deadly for marine animals that eat them mistaking them for food. Greater awareness about the environmental hazards caused by plastic bags along with strict regulations about using these bags will help people shun disposable plastic bags.

It is time people gave up plastic bags completely and buy reusable bags- they are inexpensive, trendy and of good quality, too. A good quality reusable bag can do the work of almost 600 disposable plastic bags in its lifetime- so you can imagine the reduction in plastic waste accumulating in landfills and polluting the environment.