When you want to set up your office, you can use a range of recycled and reusable products to make the space that much more inviting and productive. With these tips, you can easily make your office a nice place to work with all the supplies and amenities you need.

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Office Pens Everyone Needs

Most of us often reach for a pen and never have one. It’s the ultimate frustration in the office. You just need to write something down, and you can’t. When you place an order for recycled pens that will last quite a long time, you can place them throughout the office so that your team always has something to write with. Keeping these pens in the office at all times is much better than running out and constantly wondering if you can ever find a pen when you need it.

Office Bags

Some people love to buy a briefcase and set up their work bag, but others would love to get a reusable office bag made from recycled materials. You can print your name and logo on the bag, and your staff is passively advertising your business every time they leave the building. This is also a good way to give items to your clients or send them off with samples. A customized bag is much more impressive than anything else you could use.

The Breakroom

Coffee cups are an essential in the breakroom, and having a roster of recycled and reusable cups in the breakroom is a great idea. People in the office can use these cups and simply leave them in the sink when they are done. You might also invite your staff to take them home or use them as giveaway items when you host events or contests.

Custom Shopping Bags

Custom shopping bags are a good way to organize your office, but they are also perfect for shopping customers. Even if you use these bags to send deliveries to customers throughout the day, it’s better than plastic. Remember that it is much easier to get passive marketing results from one reusable bag than it is from plastics that simply clog landfills.

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