Looks like Thurston County is determined to get all its county seats into the no-plastic drive. Olympia is the latest city to go plastic free. Olympia City Council recently voted on the matter of the plastic bag ban in the region. Though the final vote is yet to come, it is being speculated that the vote will be merely ceremonial as the Council is clear in getting the ban implemented. Once the ban comes into effect, grocery style plastic bags will not be allowed in the city anymore. This ban is likely to come into effect from July, next year.

Customized Tote Bags in Olympia After Plastic Bag Ban

Just like unincorporated Thurston County and Tumwater, in Olympia too, this ban will be applicable on all the retailers, but most importantly on those supermarkets that provide ‘T-shirt bags'. Customers will be left with two options - either carry their own customized tote bags or pay 5 cents to avail paper bags from the store. These stores will be allowed to use the money accrued by the selling the paper bags to balance their costs.

Under this ban, the Council has exempted thin bags used for handing out produce or meat. Also the thicker bags made from plastic will also be allowed to be used. Doggie bags, newspaper bags, garbage bags as well as dry cleaning bags will also continue to be in use.

Choosing Customized Tote Bags over Plastic Bags

Reusable bags like cloth bags, customized tote bags, cotton canvas bags, and many more are far better than plastic bags. Not only can they be used again and again, they are also biodegradable unlike plastic bags.

Nathaniel Jones, Councilman said that there are too many plastic bags in the city. According to the staff report of the city, Thurston County uses around 90 million plastic bags every year. Unfortunately most of these bags end up creating litter or get dumped into the landfills.

This issue has been making the leaders of the county consider banning plastic bags for a long time. After a long wait, the tide seems to have come in the favor of reusable bags as most of the members of Olympia City Council have offered their support for this ban. Ban on plastic bags and an additional charge on use of paper bags from the store is likely to encourage people in getting their own reusable bags.

Source: http://www.theolympian.com/2013/10/09/2767832/olympia-approves-plastic-bag-ban.html