Holiday season brings a lot of joy and merriment in everyone's lives, but it is also the season with the highest level of waste disposal. To help curb the waste generated during the holiday season, an organization in Opelika, named Keep Opelika Beautiful, has taken up the initiative to recycle Christmas trees. Once the holiday season is over, most households will dispose their Christmas trees. But this year, the organization will help the residents in Opelika to dispose the trees in an eco-friendly manner.

Christmas Trees - The initiative by Keep Opelika Beautiful (KOB)

Keep Opelika Beautiful has been recycling Christmas trees since the past ten years. This organization collects the trees from the residents in the city, and then transports them to various recycling units where the trees are recycled into various eco friendly promotional items. This year, the organization will conduct this activity on December 29, at the Opelika Chamber of Commerce. The residents can drop off their Christmas trees at the venue till 12 in the afternoon.

According to the Director of Keep Opelika Beautiful, Tipi Colley Miller, every year multiple Christmas trees are disposed into waste disposal landfills, and these trees take a long time to decompose there. At present, landfills are overpopulated with several waste products. So the residents need to make efforts to try and lower the burden on the waste disposal landfills. This is the primary reason as to why KOB thought of starting this initiative to recycle Christmas trees.

At the day of the recycling event, Keep Opelika Beautiful will also receive support from the Opelika Tree Commission. To encourage recycling among the residents, the Opelika Tree Commission will distribute dogwood seedling among all the residents who participate in this event. Once the residents reach the venue, the volunteers will help them in removing all the decorations from the tree, and collect the trees from them.

Kob Encouraging Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees and Promotional Items

The trees that are collected from this event will be recycled into various products. Some of them will also be distributed in the city for landscaping projects and erosion purposes. Additionally, they will be used by fishermen to help them get a good catch. According to Miller, the fishermen can lower these trees into ponds and other water bodies, so the fish will start nesting in them. Thus, the fishermen can position themselves in a spot with a lot of fish catches with the help of the tree.