The trend of being eco-friendly is catching up with people. These days the options of ‘going green' are not just limited to choosing organic food or clothes but have grown way beyond. Most fashion lovers have always complained about not having enough choices when it comes to choosing eco-friendly jewelry and clothes, but thankfully there are plenty of options available in these categories now. The best part is that these choices are not just much better for the environment but also equally stylish.

Why You Need to Switch to Eco-Friendly Jewelry?

The harmful effects that mining has on the environment are not hidden from many. Mining for diamonds, gold, gemstones, silver and other metals can lead to environmental issues like greenhouse gas emission, soil erosion and water pollution. Other than that, mine workers also face many physical hazards due to their nature of job.

In 2010, Dr. Doug Guthrie who is the Dean of International Business and Management in George Washington University School of Business, along with a group of researchers compiled a report on the impact of mining on environment. In this report, Guthrie and his team explored the issue of usage of toxic chemicals in the mining industry. The report states that production of a single ounce of gold leads to around twenty tons of wastage. On an average, large scale gold mine makes use of approximately 2000 tons of cyanide every year. Cyanide is used in mining for separating ore and gold. Other than that, other chemicals like arsenic are also used. If this waste gets mixed with air, soil or water, it can lead to contamination.

Companies Can Use Eco-Friendly Jewelry to Create Awareness

Given the way mining can deprive the quality of environment and affect the health of mine workers, it is better to switch to jewelry that is made using eco-friendly techniques. People can help to a great extent by supporting companies that provide eco-friendly jewelry. Once the demand for eco-friendly jewelry rises, more companies will follow these sustainable jewelry making techniques.

Other options would be to make you own jewelry or to buy from your local jewelers as this will help in cutting down on the transportation cost. On the other hand, companies involved in making eco-friendly jewelry can create awareness about the same. They can use eco-friendly promotional items to educate people about this concept and explain them how their support can help earth in retaining its resources and greenery.