It may be news for some to learn that food waste generated every day can be broken down and turned into rich compost. All it takes is a compost site and enough food scraps (which are available in plenty) to be fed in and allowed to turn to compost, which takes just a few days. This useful product can be sold to gardeners, farmers, and landscape companies.

Recycling with Organic Compost

A shockingly astonishing quantity of food is wasted every day in the US. To be more precise, the amount of food wasted can fill a football field. What with half the food produced going waste, close to 290 billion pounds of food is thrown away every year. The per capita food waste has risen by a shocking 50%, and an average American generates around five pounds of waste every day, out of which more than a tenth is food waste.

Most of the food waste used to be incinerated, incurring additional expense. Another serious problem was that waste food always attracts rats and insects, adding to the health hazard, and the unbearable stench emanating from decomposed food waste. With compost sites coming up, all the waste goes back into the ground and enriches the soil. It is not just food waste that goes into the compost site, the growing trend on recycling attracts other waste products like paper towels and other organic material that can be broken down and turned to compost.

According to recycling experts, turning waste food and other organic material presents a great opportunity for creating a useful product that not only reduces the mountains of garbage going into landfills and incinerators, but generates good revenue as well. As per reports from the Environmental Protection Agency, 25% of municipal solid waste consists of waste food items. What was till now restricted to efforts at recycling in very moderate and small scale has now turned into a great money making venture. People now realize that it is not just plastic and paper waste that can be recycled, with increased awareness, and eco-friendly promotional items spreading the good word, recycling is being taken a lot more seriously than it used to.

Promoting Recycling and Reusing by Using Organic Compost

Thanks to awareness campaigns that are being undertaken with a war footing by city councils and at school levels, people now realize the gravity of the situation and the impending disaster looming ahead unless something concrete is done about the environment. With eco-friendly promotional items playing a major role in spreading awareness, there is hope yet for a greener tomorrow.