It seems like Ohio organic farmers are going to be offered the much-needed respite, considering the latest development in the House and the Senate. Sen. Sherrod Brown re-introduced the revised version of ‘Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act (LFFJA)'. It is likely to be included in a potential 2013 Farm Bill, which will empower the organic farmers and help the economy a great deal.

A Bill to Help out Organic Producers in Ohio

Aimed at providing a strong financial backing to the local farmers, the bill was first introduced in 2011. Even though it had garnered a huge support from the legislative members, the bill didn't get implemented, as the new five-year Farm Bill was not passed in 2012. But after identifying that it is the need of the hour, the Bill was updated and presented once again.

With the successful implementation of the bill, $20 million will be poured into the Farmers' Market Promotion Program. The bill highlights various barriers that limit growth in local and regional food markets and also mentions ways to break these barriers. The funds will be invested in programs that would involve research and marketing of organic farm products, as well as training of the farmers. The benefits are manifold. Firstly, it would give a fresh lease of life to all Ohio's organic farming, farmers' markets, and small food businesses. This will generate employment opportunities, boost income, and broaden the market area. As a result, sales will shoot up. The bill will promote research of eco friendly promotional items and also encourage entrepreneurs to take a dive into the unexplored organic market.

According to the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable and healthy farming, Ohio had 260 farmers' markets in 2011. It has been observed that Ohio's farmers' market has gained extreme popularity. This bill will ensure that this popularity keeps soaring high. In a press release, Sen. Sherrod Brown said that by increasing access to local foods, the market for Ohio's agricultural products can be expanded, and this will lead to creation of jobs to strengthen the economy.

Ohio Bill Promotes Research of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

When the world is waking up to the benefits of ‘Going Green', organic living appears to be the healthiest choice. Organic products are devoid of any hazardous chemicals and offers wholesome goodness to the consumers. It provides nourishment without any ill-effects. This bill is just taking a step further to promote and make the concept of healthy organic living more feasible. As the bill is supporting organic produce, it simultaneously encourages research about eco friendly promotional items such as eco friendly bags, clothing, and re-usable packing materials, which will help us to the save the deteriorating environment.