With the view of curbing pollution and inculcating healthier dietary habits, organic farming has been steadily gaining popularity across the globe. This trend is evident in Lexington as well with the increasing number of outlets dealing in organic food. Since organic farmers refrain from the use of harmful chemicals and follow healthy farming practices, organic food is definitely the best alternative.

Organic Food Available for Home Delivery in Lexington

Organic farming is gaining favor in Lexington and a number of outlets are opting for organic products. Paul Dengel, who works with the UK Horticulture Research Farm, believes that if more money is directed towards organic farming, the results could prove to be highly beneficial.

According to Robert Perry from the department of dietetics and human nutrition at UK, food grown locally tastes much better than food that has been shipped over long distances. He added that since organic farming steers clear of chemicals it was definitely better for the environment. However, he did also state that, the produce being more nutritious is a misconception.

A venture - Green B.E.A.N. Delivery which is an online grocery service has taken up the initiative to deliver organic products from local farms right to the doorstep of consumers. B.E.A.N. stands for biodynamic, education, agriculture and nutrition and it was set up in 2007 in Indianapolis with the objective of creating a support system for family farms. The store offers a variety of jellies, dairy products, fresh produce, meats and bread to consumers in the comfort of their homes.

According to John Freeland - the vice president, Green B.E.A.N. has been successful in improving the local economy, keeping funds within local communities and providing suitable opportunities to encourage hardworking artisans and farmers. Green B.E.A.N. ensures that small farmers have a constant, reliable market that guarantees fair prices. It also ensures that fresh, reasonably priced produce is made available to the community. A farmer from Jefferson County – Ben Abell agreed with this completely.

By simply visiting greenbeandelivery.com, one can avail of a list of all the articles available along with their prices and other related information.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Can Help in Promoting Organic Food

People are often confused with regard to what organic farming really is. Many are also under the misconception that organic produce is very expensive and thereby avoid it.

However, organic food companies and producers need to break such barriers and bring about a clearer understanding of their products, while promoting their businesses. The use of eco friendly promotional items to increase awareness about organic food is an ideal option. Calendars with pictures of organic produce and information about the same could be distributed at the beginning of the year. Customized mugs, table mats, wash cloths, fridge magnets, storage containers and reusable bags are a few alternatives that could also be used for the same.

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