Consumer demand for organic food is increasing steeply. But the suppliers of these eco friendly promotional items are not being able to produce the goods just as quickly. They have to resort to the foreign countries to provide for them the raw materials, while they try to persuade inland farmers to work for them.

What Is Happening to the Organic Food Chain?

The organic food chain industry in the US is suffering great losses due to the bottleneck in its supply. The root cause for this lack in supply is the shortage of new farmland for organic crops. While USA is the biggest producer of non organic crops like soybean and corn, the organic counterparts of the same crops are hardly produced.

As a result, the organic food producers have to import these crops from countries like India and China. This could also result in a drop in the demand for organic food, since, for some consumers, organic food means locally produced crops. Scarcity of land also means lack of organic fodder for other organic products like dairy, meat and poultry.

The federal policies for organic foods are not making things easier, either. For a crop to be certified as organic, it has to be produced without the use of toxins and harmful chemicals for a period of at least three years. For the farmers who are just turning to organic from conventional farming, this seems to be forever, especially since the price of land and conventional crops are both mounting at a fast pace. This is a big reason that keeps conventional farmers from trying to enter into organic farming.

Due of all these reasons, the producers of eco friendly promotional items are trying to boost inland production of organic crops in order to stop foreign imports. They are of the view that imports may cause consumer backlash. Companies like Bell & Evans, Perdue AgriBusiness and Amy's Kitchen are trying to incorporate contracts with farmers for three years and are desisting imports of organic produce till the local farmers draw level with the demand. They believe that they should not deceive the consumers who are ready to pay twice the amount for organic products.

Solution in the Form of Wholesale Canvas Bags

Organic food may not only more nutritious, but also is free from toxins, so it prepares the body to absorb nutrients better. The result is that your health is more robust and you have better immunity. This is the most important reason why most people choose organic food items, and the lack of it may cause inconvenience to a great part of the population.