The Founder and President of, Paula Keif has launched a new range of handmade soy candles. These candles, popularly known as the Green Koala collection, are available at a store named Artisans. This store is located in Hingham and has a lot of Keif's other handmade products such as soaps and body lotions as well. Keif is a staunch believer of using eco-friendly products and has been making organic candles, soaps, and body lotions for a couple of years. Her website,, has a list of all the green services in the Massachusetts region and has been helping people to incorporate organic products in their daily lives.

Green Koala Collection - from a Commoner to a Green Revolutionist

Paula Keif has made immense contribution in promoting organic lifestyles, specifically in the Massachusetts region. She is an organic product maker herself, but her prominent contribution to the field of organic lifestyles has been her website, Keif and her husband decided to create this website while they were planning the construction layout of their house. The couple wanted to build an eco-friendly house, so they researched a lot about the green companies in their region. Once they finished their research, they decided to publish this data for all the people who required any green products or services, specifically in the Massachusetts region.

Kief's Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Kief makes her candles using the best available organic ingredients. She states that her candles are ideal for every home, as they don't have harmful effects. Her organic products, such as soaps, candles, and body lotions can be purchased from Artisans, her store in Hingham; she has received positive feedback from all her customers so far. Being an innovative person, Kief uses a variety of natural ingredients for her products, such as soy wax, amber, tea, ginger, lemongrass, cotton wicks, and mango.

The Advantages of Using the Green Koala Collection

According to Kief, people should switch to using eco-friendly promotional items for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, since these products are made using organic materials, they don't leave an environmental footprint. Secondly, these products are safer to use, especially in the context of small children. And lastly, according to her, these products add a natural charm to households and help people lead healthier lifestyles. Kief is currently experimenting with natural flavors for her latest products and wishes to establish her brand over the years.