Many families in America are buying organic products including organic food. According to the Organic Trade Association, among those buying organic products, 81 percent have reportedly claimed to have bought organic products at least once. As reported, health was the main reason for most families to buy organic food.

US Families Prefer Organic Products

The Organic Trade Association reported that more US families are buying organic products this year as compared to the year before. The report claims that at least 81 percent of American families have bought organic products more than once. Yet another survey by 2013 US Families' Organic Attitudes and Beliefs came to a similar conclusion. Among all the organic food buyers, 41 percent are first time buyers. Many parents prefer to purchase organic food because they are conscious of its health benefits for their children. Among all organic purchases, food is the top category with 97 percent of buyers having bought fruits and vegetables within the last six months. Braids, packaged foods, grains, and dairy are also popular organic products among over 85 percent consumers. Organic food consumers are also reportedly making more frequent purchasing trips as compared to non-organic consumers.

Data about reasons for organic purchases are consistent over the last few years. Over 48 percent of those surveyed cited health as the main reason for purchasing organic foods. The other reasons included their desire to avoid dangerous pesticides and fertilizers, genetically modified food, growth hormones, and antibiotics. The consumers have begun to realize the importance of the USDA organic seal and most of them reportedly do look for this seal when making purchases. Many parents have begun to trust organic products as 42 parents this year as compared to only 32 last year reported their trust in these products. Consumer trust in organic products is one of the major factors that will help the organic industry grow.

Benefits of Consuming Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The benefits of consuming eco-friendly promotional items cannot be overstated because environment and ecology are some of the main global concerns today. Organic food consumption is not only healthy but is also ethical. The ethical concern stems from experiments involved with genetically modified food whether in plant or animal forms. Additionally, the growth of organics will save our environment.