Packing is not the most exciting thing in the world. However, it’s easier when you pack light. This is essential for several reasons, and that’s why you need the four simple tips listed here. As you pack, think of all the things that you can do on your trip that are more fun than work, an itinerary, or a “standard” vacation.

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Packing Light is a Lifestyle

Packing light is a lifestyle. It’s more than just bringing less stuff this time—you ALWAYS bring less stuff. This isn’t because you need fewer things. It’s all because you want to lug around less stuff. There’s being prepared and there’s “a little too” prepared.

You Need Extra Space

You need extra space when you travel so that you can shop. Sure, there’s a big difference between shopping on vacation and shopping on business trips or while visiting family. However, you still need room. Let’s say you go on vacation—you’re coming home with souvenirs. You need space for them.

But, what if you visit family, go to this mall you really like, and find an awesome sweater, you need room for it. You can buy something cute from that tourist trap your cousin lives in. Some people also tend to get pre-emptive Christmas gifts while traveling to meet family in the fall. No space—no presents.

Safe Toiletries

You likely keep your toiletries in a nice custom bag—good idea. However, you should not crush those toiletries because they could easily be damaged. This is especially true of skincare in light plastic packaging and fragrances in delicate glass bottles. Moreover, cramming your nice toiletries in a quality reusable bag only serves to ruin the bag, cause leaks, and further damage your clothes.

Packing Light is Cheaper

Packing light is cheaper because airlines check the weight of your bags. if you’re consistently over, you’re throwing away money. Pack a few things in a recycled bag that you can carry on the plane and slip in the car. Yes, you’ll spend more on gas if you’re weighing down your car. These tips affect the entirety of your budget.

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