The next time you go out to run some errands, make sure you are not just carrying your wallet, but also some reusable bags. That is because not having reusable bags for carrying your groceries would mean paying extra for the store-provided bag. Yes, the plastic bag ban will soon be making it's way in Palm Springs. So get into the eco-friendly habit of carrying reusable bags when out for shopping, otherwise you may end up paying the bag fee.

Shoppers Will Have to Pay Extra for Bags After the Plastic Bag Ban

The city council recently voted in the favor of passing a ban on plastic bags in the city, bringing an end to the shopper's convenience of availing bags from the store while checking out. Shoppers will now have to pay a fine of 10 cents for using the paper bags offered at the stores. Though this move is meant to encourage people into bringing their own reusable bags while shopping, the ban is getting mixed reactions from Palm Springs residents.

Most of the shoppers in the city do not have the habit of going shopping with reusable bags. While some are ready to make the sustainable shift, there are some who are unhappy with it. Bobby Westvrooke is one such unhappy resident who is complaining about the extra charge on bags. He feels it is understandable that the authorities want to prevent the use of plastic bags in the city, but implying extra charge on availing store-offered bags is not the solution to it. He added that he has a big family so his shopping needs are always a little higher than the average families. He would need around 25-30 reusable bags to carry his groceries if he stopped using the bags offered by the stores. After the bag ban, he will also lose that option because availing bags would add to his bill.

Not all the shoppers in the city feel the same, though. Some are happy with the ban and think the fee will keep reminding people to carry some reusable bags with them while shopping.

Publicizing the Latest Plastic Bag Ban with Promotional Reusable Bags

The residents may take some time to get used to shopping with reusable bags, but environmental organizations and local businesses can make it a little easy for them. Both for-profit and non-profit organizations can come together and offer promotional reusable bags with eco-friendly messages printed over them. This can help to some extent in inculcating the habit among shoppers who aren't used to carrying reusable bags.