As America rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement, it becomes important to remember that reusable and recycled bags are the best way for you to make an impact on the world around you. There are some facts here from Custom Earth Promos that will boggle your mind and remind you that the best way for you to make a difference is to make the change to recycled bags.

At Custom Earth Promos, we have everything you need when choosing the perfect reusable bags.

A Few Facts from Custom Earth Promos

A few facts that you might want to know when you are considering if you need to switch to reusable bags. (This is also why plastic bag bans are happening around the world.)

One trillion single-use plastic bags get used around the globe every year

That's about two million plastic bags a minute

Of the seven most common plastics, only two get recycled most of the time

You can see why this is an issue that we want to address at Custom Earth Promos. What can you do about it?

Ban Plastics at Work

If you are a business owner or manager, this is the perfect time to give everyone a reusable lunch bag with the company logo on it. You can give everyone their Christmas basket in a larger reusable bag they can grocery shop with. If you sell goods, only use reusable bags. You can sell them for peanuts to your customers and you will still make some money on it. If you don't want to charge customers, ask them to bring in all their plastic bags to do an exchange.

Now You Have Marketing Potential

Now you have marketing potential because by buying at Custom Earth Promos, your name, brand, and logo stay out there longer. People see these bags all the time. They collect them. Customers remember you, or they see the bag and think, “who's that?”

Place an order with us today at Custom Earth Promos so that you can get on the right track with your marketing, be a little more eco-friendly, and help us save the planet one bag at a time.