As a business owner or manager, you likely have partner businesses that work with you or alongside you. These partners are all different, but they need help with marketing just like you do. Because you have spent time building these relationships, you should bring them into the fold as marketing partners. Read more to learn how a partnership looks on a custom recycled bag.

At Custom Earth Promos, we offer beautiful custom recycled bags for you and your partners.

Why Do You Need a Partner?

A partner business is a business that works with you or alongside you. For example, you might have partnerships with all the major HVAC companies. Therefore, an HVAC repair business shares the names of its partners like Trane or Bryant on its bags. Yes, this matters. Your partners want the marketing help, and you want to market the trusted brands your customers love.

If you work alongside another business, you can join forces. So, if you own a wine bar, you might market the brewery next door. You can even knock out a door and share space. So, your wine bar called "Sam's Wine Bar" features products from "Bob's Brewery."

If they feature your products, their bags will say "Bob's Brewery" featuring products from "Sam's Wine Bar."

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