Peggy's Whole Foods is a chain of health food stores owned by Lee Shavers. It had two stores till now in Ormond Beach and Port Orange. Shavers is arranging to open another store in Daytona Beach shortly. This one will be larger than the other two stores and will have a café also.

Peggy's Whole Foods Cafe & Coffee Shop

This new café, which is going to be set up in Daytona Beach, will cover a total area of 9000 square feet. It will be set up at the crossing of Fentress Boulevard and West International Speedway Boulevard. The space in which this store is going to be set up was previously owned by the Christopher Bean coffee company.

The new store will have sugar-free and gluten-free items, and the baked goods to be sold at the café will be produced fresh from organic components at a bakery situated at the back of the shop. The café will also have a conference room for meetings. Lee Shavers says that this will be a very important event in the history of Peggy's Whole Foods.

Lee Shavers –Expert in Dealing with Organic Food and Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Lee Shavers has grown up in an environment of organic foods since his mother used to teach on the advantages of natural foods and also owned a health food store in the 60s. He also has a doctorate and has a lot of knowledge on practically anything, and not just eco friendly promotional items. When he got cancer at the age of 34, he recovered with the help of organic foods. The main aim of Shavers is not to make money – it is to make more people health conscious and thus make them healthier. That is why Peggy's Whole Foods not only sells health foods and supplements, but also offers health information so that more people become aware of health concerns and can lead a healthy life.

Lee Shavers understands that not everybody will fancy his products or services, but he says that he has observed an upsurge in the demands for organic foods and meat. So the food that the new café will provide includes organic salmon and organic meats.

Organic Food Becoming a Popular Choice among US Households

The demand for organic food is increasing in the US day by day. This is because people are becoming conscious about adulterated food and want items which are free from pesticides and antibiotics. People are also becoming aware of the risks of genetically altered food materials. Hence they are going for the safer organic food these days.