A pet friendly home is harder to pull together than you think. You can also keep an eco-friendly home for your pets. There are a few things you can do to improve your life and the lives of your pets. However, you need to roll out these options slowly so that your pets can acclimate to any changes. Also, you can use reusable and recycled bags to store and organize all the things you need for your pets.

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Pet Friendly Homes Have Routines

Above all else, your home needs a routine. You want to make it easy for your pets to predict what you will do every day. Get up in the morning, give your pets a morning meal (wet or dry,) change their water so it’s fresh, and take your dogs outside for play and potty time. Being predictable makes it easier for your pets to remain comfortable. Of course, there will be changes, but pets are like walking alarm clocks—they’ll let you know when you’re off-schedule.

Crate Time and Bed Time

Dogs typically need crate time for bed—if they don’t, they need to know that bedtime is bedtime. The same with cats. You want your pets to know it’s time to go to bed. Turn off all the lights. Go to bed at about the same time every night. Keep the house as quiet as possible. Your pets are more likely to adapt to your schedule and actually sleep through the night.

If you use training pads in a dog crate, keep those pads in a large reusable bag. You can do the same with blankets or even pet beds that don’t sit out during the day.

Consistent Feeding

Make sure your pets have feeding times during the day. If they eat at 8 and 6, make sure they are eating at those times. If you offer snacks or treats, make those times consistent, too. At the same time, use consistent food to prevent any upset stomachs. Humans can change their food intake every day. Your pets cannot.

Organize your pet food in large, reusable bags so that you can move the food around the house and quickly get what you need.

Pet Friendly Play

Let your pets play. Make sure they have toys. Interact with them. Take them outside whenever appropriate. Keep them as active as possible. Keeping toys in a smaller recycled bag makes it easier for you to put them away at the end of the day.

Order Today

You can order today to grab the custom recycled bags that will help you organize your home and keep your pets comfortable. An eco-friendly home for pets is not only organized but easy to rearrange as needed.