Having a pet is wonderful, but it is also a huge responsibility, not only to your pet but also your family, neighborhood, and the environment. Cleaning up after pets is important and cleaning up and disposing the litter in an environment-friendly way is what every pet owner ought to do.

How Pet Plastic Bags Helps Reduce an Environmental Pollutant?

Environmentalists and community workers have long been observing and reporting the hazards of carelessly disposed off pet waste, which is a major environment pollutant. Even with the presence of pet waste containers and bags, it is unfortunate that parks and residential layouts and communities are stilled littered with pet waste.

As pet waste decays, they feed weeds, roundworms, parasites, and algae that can linger in soil and water bodies for a long time. Once algae and weeds infest water bodies, it depletes the oxygen content in the water and makes it toxic to the fishes and water-organisms. A gram of dog fecal matter contains millions of E.coli bacteria that can cause diseases in the human kidney and intestines. Infection from pet waste can easily affect humans when they come in contact with the contaminated soil or water and can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle and head aches.

It is imperative that pet wastes are disposed off carefully and in some places it has also been mandatory by law – this is where pet plastic bags that are easily compostable come in handy. Today biodegradable pet plastic bags are available to dispose off pet poop with great ease. Cleaning up after pets in these pet bags can arrest the breeding of harmful parasites present in pet fecal matter into the environment. Switching to these pet plastic bags instead of the traditional non-degradable plastic will ensure longevity of our health as well as that of our pet and other animals and the environment at large.

Use Pet Plastic Bags to Clean up After Your Pets

Research estimates that pet owners leave behind millions and millions of tons of pet waste year after year and it amounts to a significant part of the pollution in water bodies. So how do we ensure that our pet and its waste does not become a nuisance to our neighborhood and surroundings? The next time we walk our dogs out, let us ensure to not leave behind their poop in parks, lawns, and lakes. This requires us to clean up after our pets' waste immediately in pet plastic bags and better still in bio-degradable, compostable plastic bags, if possible.