Pittsfield had to wait for a long time to see the finalization of the regulation which talks about the limited medical marijuana use. Though the vote in this matter was taken last year, the city had to wait for the final word on the law by Department of Public Health, which gave its approval recently.

A local eco-friendly non-profit firm, Manna Wellness Inc. is planning to lead this very measure in Berkshires. It is planning on building a high-tech marijuana dispensary just two miles away from downtown Pittsfield.

Eco-Friendly Marijuana Dispensary at Pittsfield

Manna Wellness has become the first company to come forward in the public and express its interest in building a medical marijuana dispensary here. A retired vet from Becket, Dr. Eric Germaine said that Manna Wellness aims to offer some good medicines to patients with serious conditions. It also aims to work in close association with health care groups, public safety organizations, local law enforcement officials, municipal official, patient organizations as well as the community throughout its licensing process. The nonprofit firm is presently a Phase II entrant.

The building that it has proposed is said to be a low impact, eco-friendly one. It will be an energy efficient center. Director of operations of the organization, Nial DeMena said that this is the first time in America that LEED certified eco-friendly building is being built for such a purpose. The firm is planning to be medical marijuana base for the whole of west Massachusetts.

Julia Germaine, Director of Resources, said that this initiative is intending on creating around 15 high paying jobs which will look after the patients, cultivation staff and security in the initial years. These jobs will be aimed at combining greenhouse techniques with traditional agriculture as well as promoting biotechnology techniques.

Education about products and equipment, including literature and coaching on uses, proper legal medicine use and effects of the medicine will too be a part of the program. This information will be dependent on the kind of marijuana products used, including the oral medicines as well as some which may have certain side effects.

Promoting Welfare Messages for Society with Eco-Friendly Marijuana

This novel method being promoted by Manna Wellness can work as a stepping stone for all other health care organizations. These organizations can help not just the society but also the environment by adopting such steps. They can also spread this message with the use of eco friendly promotional products and items.

Source: http://williamsrecord.com/2013/10/23/pittsfield-considers-eco-friendly-medical-marijuana-dispensary/