Have you ever heard a company telling you to buy less? Well here is one that says so. Cuyana, a new retail apparel Company, advices its customers to make less but meaningful shopping choices. Cuyana launched itself last year as a five employee start up with funding from family and friends. The company works with craftsmen from all over the world to sell high-quality clothes as well as accessories at affordable prices.

The Business Plan Includes Plain Non Woven Bags

Co founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, Cuyana believes in making high-quality goods available at an affordable price. It believes that consumers need not rely totally on the huge brands offered at the stores. With the idea to get better value compared to big brands, at a reasonable price, Cuyana launched its line of products.

The big brands tend to classify themselves as large retailers who supply ethically produced apparel. Small brands too do the same. A graduate named Corey Epstein from UCLA's Anderson School of Management from the 2011 batch founded a brand called 20Jeans. This brand is involved in men's basics like denims and button downs. It sells certain items for as less as $20. Being a start up, it has joined hands with some local suppliers to cut down on the cost and deliver quality products. Corey said it is not difficult to deliver quality products at affordable prices, unlike the big brands that usually offer products at a high price.

Cuyana's Eco Friendly Movement Promotes Plain Non Woven Bags

Cuyana recently declared an investment of $1.7 million by Canaan Partners which is a venture capital firm. Cuyana also announced the launch of a movement called “Lean Closet Movement”. Through this movement, the Company hopes to help Americans make better and smarter choices while buying apparel. According to this movement, whenever a customer will make a purchase with the company, the company will send reusable bags like plain non woven bags to the customer. The customer will then be encouraged to send to the company a piece of clothing that he/she no longer uses. These unwanted clothes will be donated by Cuyana. Also, the customer donating clothes will get a credit of $10 on their subsequent purchase.

Karla Gallardo said that Americans drown in their possessions. This movement will encourage them to buy less, but meaningfully. An innovative and novel idea by Cuyana, this movement will not only help consumers make better choices while buying but will also help them take a step toward saving the environment.