In a bid to control the alarming rate at which oils of all sorts are being used in the world and to conserve as many energy sources as possible, Recycle Ann Arbor has also started accepting plant-based oils at their drop-off stations. Many customers had to earlier walk away because such cooking oils were not accepted at the center, but they now have some good news to cheer for.

Ann Arbor Recycling Program Now Accepts Plant-Based Oil

Ann Arbor, along with many counties in the US is adopting many green measures to make the environment cleaner and safer. Another use of adopting green measures is that over the long run, a lot of costs can be saved in the manufacture of plastics and fuel can be saved. By conserving energy resources, we are not leaving a legacy of doom behind for our future generations to bear, but instead, we are safeguarding their lives and that of their descendants.

coming to this new move by Recycle Ann Arbor, many citizens have enthusiastically participated in the earlier drives conducted by the team, but were left disappointed when they realized cooking oil was excluded from the list of recyclable oils. Now, any plant-based oil such as those from sesame, peanuts, olives, canola and any other vegetables can be sealed tightly in a container and dropped of at the various drop-off points maintained by Recycle Ann Arbor. Animal-based oils or mixes of plant and animal oils however, will not be accepted.

Up to 5 gallons of cooking oils will be accepted by the team for $3, which is the entry fee. For people who wish to drop off more than 5 gallons, they will have to pay $0.25 more for each gallon above 5 gallons. Collections trays for these oils have been set up behind the motor oil collection tray so you can drop of both types of oils at the same time. Oils cannot be dropped off in barrels and drums; however, they must be well sealed in smaller containers. Drop-off station will be open from 8.30AM to 6.30PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Saturdays, it will be open from 9AM to 6PM.

Use Wholesale Reusable Bags and Plant-Based Oil!

If you have some unused oil that you wish to drop off, go to 2950 East Ellsworth Road and visit the drop-off station today. It is an environmental friendly move that will help you get rid of unnecessary oils and also help the environment at the same time. By making small gestures such as this and using wholesale reusable bags, everyone is contributing to the improvement of the environment and quality of life of plants, animals and fellow-human beings.